"The Ferreira Law Group was incredibly patient through my parents divorce proceedings which lasted almost 2 years. Gabriela and her team worked through all of my mother's There was nothing unique about my mothers divorce but the Ferreira team ensured that my mother was getting her fair share of the accumulated assets of the marriage.

The staff was pleasant and always had conversations details at the ready. Email was my preferred method of communication and at the time Jasmin was able to reply within 24 - 36 hours depending on their workload. My mother's phone calls were typically answered within 24 hours and they made a very noticeable effort accommodate for my mother.

Their office is a bit hard to find on the first visit but if you park across the street in the Fiesta 5 Parking Lot (behind the Apple Store) you can cross the street and use the side entrance on the right hand side if you're facing the building. Watch your step on the first one it's a bit higher than normal.

They currently do electronic payments via an ACH sign up but this was not needed as my mother paid via check drop off."