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What is a Domestic Violence Restraining Order?

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Obtaining a restraining order against an abusive spouse can be very intimidating for some. A restraining order can help keep an abusive spouse away from you and your children, at least for a period of time. Most of the time a restraining order applies to your:

  • Workplace,
  • Vehicle,
  • Home,
  • The school your children attend, or a childcare facility where your children stay.

If your spouse violates the restraining order, you can notify the police, and have them reiterate the requirements or arrest him or her. When you complete the restraining order forms, you will be required to explain in detail why you need the restraining order. It is crucial you be as thorough as possible in your explanation.

In some instances, once a restraining order is filed—or even if it is not—the domestic abuser may engage in stalking behaviors. Just as you should thoroughly document all instances of domestic violence, you should also document every instance of stalking, as you are entitled to protection. Any unwanted, repeated contact which frightens you is probably considered stalking. Stalkers may:

  • Call you repeatedly after you have made it clear you do not want to talk;
  • Text or e-mail you when you have asked him or her not to;
  • Follow you;
  • Show up where you are without a reason;
  • Gather information about you;
  • Spread untrue rumors about you;
  • Post personal information about you, or
  • Refuse to leave you alone.

Never downplay your fear of an ex who is stalking you. It is important for your safety as well as important for your eventual family court case that you contact the police and report any stalking behaviors.

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