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Divorce Attorney

When you make the difficult decision to end your marriage you are left with the difficult task of finding the right attorney. You want someone who will get the best results for not only you but also your family. You want to look for someone who has experience with your situation. Someone familiar with other attorneys in the family law field and who has established a good relationship with them. Finding just the right fit can be stressful but here at our law firm we make it easier with our helpful and understanding staff.  We will provide personal attention to your case and your individual circumstances throughout each area of family law. 

Prenuptial/Post Nuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements were once thought of to be for the rich and famous, however, now they are often a prerequisite to a lot of marriages. When entering into a marriage, it is not only emotional but financial as well and with the economy going up and down people feel more protective of their assests and financial future. A prenuptial agreement can help to avoid a lot of disagreements if ever there was a divorce. The clients who opt for a prenup are often Business Owners, High Net Worth Families, those with High Profile Careers, and Mature Adults who have children. If you feel like you would like to explore this option please schedule a consultation with us.

Child Custody/Visitation Disputes

Child Custody is one of the hardest aspects of divorce. It is not only hard on the children but the parents as well. Finding someone who understands your needs and what is best for the children is key to navigating your way through the legal process. This is where the most conflict arises is determining child custody. We go to great lengths to ensure that your child is the first priority in these cases. Sometimes having a professional help you through this difficult time eases some of the stress and worry. We are here for you to discuss your needs. 

Child/Spousal Support

Child and spousal support is a necessary tool to help you move forward in your life. Let us help you figure out the fairest and best way to achieve your goals. We have many tools available to help calculate both.

Restraining Orders

When the need arises for a restaining order let us help you navigate the legal system and inform you on your options. The need for one itself is a scary and trying process, however, when you have the right team by your side it makes it a little less scary. We have helped many people through this process and understand how intimidating it can be. We have many resources available to you and your family.


Mediation is one of the first steps to the child custody process. While it can be frustrating it is also a useful tool in helping to finding a middle ground. Mediation is mandatory regarding any custody case but remember it is just a tool to try to help. However if no agreement can be reached, it will proceed to the next step.