Choosing a Respectful and Amicable Divorce Process with Ferreira Law Group's Collaborative Team Approach.

If your initial choice in marriage didn't work out as you hoped, you still have the power to choose how you divorce. A collaborative and respectful approach ensures that your family and finances are handled in the best possible way for everyone involved. On the other hand, a hostile approach puts everything at risk. By utilizing Ferreira Law Group's interdisciplinary team of legal, financial, and mental health professionals, our Collaborative Divorce model offers a intelligent, congenial, and healthy approach to resolving disputes during divorce.

Collaborative law provides a voluntary dispute resolution process where both the husband and wife retain their own attorneys to help resolve their divorce in a respectful and amicable manner. By signing an agreement to not litigate, the two attorneys and parties can work together within the collaborative process. In the rare occasion that the lawyers are unable to resolve the dispute, they must withdraw and the parties can then retain litigation counsel.

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