Divorce Differently

Maybe the choice you made on marriage isn’t what you had hoped. But now you have a choice in how you divorce. It can be respectful and amicable, where you cooperate to ensure what happens to your family and finances is best for all. Or it can be hostile, and you put everything at risk. Your choice.

One reason the Collaborative Divorce model works so well in solving disputes lies in its interdisciplinary team approach. The Collaborative Team draws upon the expertise of legal, financial, and mental health professionals, working together on your behalf to provide a healthy, congenial, intelligent approach to divorce.

Collaborative law is a process for voluntary dispute resolution in which the parties – the husband and wife – each retain their own attorneys to help resolve their divorce amicably without court intervention. The two attorneys and the parties sign an agreement that they will not litigate while working within the collaborative process. In the unlikely event that the lawyers don’t succeed in helping the parties resolve their dispute, both lawyers must withdraw and the parties must retain litigation counsel.

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